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Abstract Water



SWAN's Delivery


SWAN has a reputable membership, with strong track records and subject matter expertise. SWAN thus has the capacity to make substantial contributions to the practices of water management.


SWAN shall deliver important input for updating regulations, policies and programs of irrigation, and provide irrigation water sourcing solutions.


SWAN shall deliver technology for water recycling, so that clean, odor free and bacteria free water and fertilizer may be obtained from multiple water sources.


SWAN shall develop new relationships between multidisciplinary groups, including from business, academia, government both national and international, and end-users, develop new committees, alliances and partnerships that enable research, development and commercialization.


SWAN shall develop new technologies, trade secrets and patents to be commercialized, and provide support teams to start new businesses or expand old businesses around these new methods, as well as find wastewater sources to exploit using these new methods. Thus water source deficits may be addressed.


SWAN shall develop new business sectors, and provide water data analytics and business intelligence, to enhance reliability, cost, confidence and timeliness of wastewater solution delivery.


SWAN shall support, work together, integrate and execute on concepts, research and development completed by organizations such as:  National Hydrology Lab, Toxicology Center, Global Institute  for Water Security, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization, Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative, Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure Research, Bilateral Water Management Agreements.


SWAN shall educate and work with infrastructure engineers and engineering based associations to grow their confidence and capacity to try new, innovative solutions.


SWAN shall present to the world an organization to consult with in relation to wastewater projects (known for credibility, professionalism, ethics, trust and value)

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