Swan Project Kick-Off & Networking Event


Theme & Focus


The theme of the event is "Water Recovery and Reuse", which will be focused on sewage and water in small communities, developments, and remote locations.





Wastewater is a valuable untapped resource. You can live without food for 30 days; you can only live without water for 3 days. Countries outside Canada continue to roll out new water management solutions that have tremendous advantages over legacy based solutions. These new solutions are slow to be adopted or leveraged across Canada, in order to advance them to the next level and integrate them into our infrastructure we need to act.

This event will enable education, discussion, planning, growth and advancement in the areas of water management and water infrastructure solutions for small populations. This is a follow up to the previous SWAN event (2013) and follows the same theme; however it will focus primarily on:

  1. municipal sewage and septic hauling,

  2. recovery/reuse of water and fertilizer,

  3. governance for small populations,

  4. advanced treatment options common in other countries (slow to grow in Canada).

As part of the conference, government, academic and global leading businesses speak to new levels of knowledge and understanding, new levels of health and safety and also new water solutions that can take us forward into a future with balances between economic, environmental and social needs.

The SWAN mandate for this conference is to focus on tangible outcomes and formalized networks, alliances and plans. This event will create projects and stakeholders will leave with new action items and deliverables to engage in projects.



Date and Location


Wednesday February 10, 2016
Saskatoon Club, 417 – 21st Street E., Saskatoon SK





Agenda and Deliverables include:

  1. Educational presentations

  2. Formal announcement and kick off of NW Saskatoon Wastewater Treatment and Recovery Plant (WWTRP) Center of Excellence (COE)

  3. Announcements of sub projects related to NW Saskatoon WWTRP COE and discussion of new opportunities (new projects, grants, etc.)

  4. Review of new potential projects and grants (based on attendee requests and discussions)

  5. Review and update of SWAN Mandate and Charter

  6. Action Items and Next Steps

  7. Formal networking event


The agenda and speakers are available by contacting us at info@swanprojects.ca